Frequently used websites

Now track each URL visited by your employee during work hours as well as the time spent on every single website.

PC Tracker software shows you what website is taking your child's or employee's time. It’s ok to spend that much time on this website? If not then you can block that website as well.

  • View list of websites based on time spent.
  • View time spent on productive and unproductive websites.
  • Get browsing history from multiple browsers.
  • Use filters to sort out the data you really interested in.

Track internet browser is a rudimentary feature of PC Tracker that allows you to view the browser history of the computer devices that you want to monitor. Track Top Websites can help you figure out the activities of people that you care for and prevent them from getting into any suspicious activities.

Glance the live activities of visiting the websites

Analysis of the productivity and unproductive website

Count the time how many spend time of each website.

Safe uses of technology

In recent times it is most important to check your children and employee what they do online and what they search online. It is a parent’s responsibility to provide a safe search on the internet and a good way for education

  • Track most unproductivity visited websites
  • Check your employees time spent on each website
  • Block those websites which are useless

On the Internet, there are many social media and activities available which are unproductivity for a business. PC Tracker can help you monitor everything that can lead them in a better direction for your organization.