Get information without any delay

PC Tracker offers a real-time data sync feature using which you will get what websites are currently active in the target device in real-time.

Look at what websites are currently being browsed in target devices so you can know if they are currently working on productivity or if they are wasting their time somewhere else.

  • Real-time web insights.
  • Time duration spent on each website.
  • Insight on productivity and improvement areas.

PC Tracker offers real-time web insight free of cost, using which you can formulate the plan to improve your productivity and further training areas for employees or to get insight into what kind of activity your child is currently engaged in.

See the real-time overview of your user activity.

Recognise your employees real-time status working on their task

See how much time is spent online and check the idle time.

Get real-time User information

PC Tracker can monitor and track real-time then you can observe and essence the whole of information.PC Tracker feature would be helping you with your targeted device and you can see the live data in your dashboard.

  • Monitor real-time website and application
  • Check your employee and children running time history of an application.
  • Track spending time each website and application.
  • Glance at your employee’s work activities.

You can see live viewing of your target device in your PC Tracker dashboard and see which application they are working on and how much time they spend on each task.