Track kids online internet surfing

Parental control software provides you to allow to keep track and set the limitation of your child

  • Check top uses website and application
  • See browsing history with proper URL
  • See how much time spend on each website and its subpage
  • Capture the real-time screen monitoring

Protect your child from online predators and cyberbullying

Block unsuspicious and harmful website and application

Capture random and manually screenshots of your child’s PC

Manage and restrict online child’s activities

In a PC Tracker, there is a feature to block things and a web filter.PC Tracker is the best internet monitoring software for safety for children.

  • Block gaming, adult, and pornographic content
  • Reduce the social media uses
  • Set some restrictions and allow what you want online search for your kids
  • Manage how much time they have spent on the internet