PC Tracker is a Free Desktop monitoring software that lets you know what is happening on a target device, PC Tracker is designed to monitor your under-aged children and employees with their prior consent.

PC tracker provides free monitoring software for users. you can use all Basic plans and Advance plans.

Pc-tracker is free of cost.

Yes, the PC tracker is invisible, when downloading and installing the setup is completed on the target device it can work as Stealth-Mode. It can not show on the desktop. It completely works as a hidden mode.

Yes, your data is stored in a safe place. Your data is secured by SSL encryption. Your data is protected by end-to-end encryption means it is not readable and no one accesses your data.

PC tracker captures real-time screenshots and employee’s online activities and this data forward to your PC tracker dashboard.PC tracker captures all data of the target device and sends it to you.

Yes, a PC tracker works for a team and many individuals.PC tracker works more effectively and helps you how long they spend on which tasks, and focus on working on.

Pc-tracker provides free of cost means not taking extra charges and helping your children and employee’s online activities for free.

Pc-tracker provides multiple devices connected with a Pc-tracker account. You can track more than 30 devices with your single Pc-tracker account. It benefits a big company that has more than 30 employees. It is an advantage for a company that can improve employee's productivity.

If you want to delete your Pc-tracker account just click on it: https://pc-tracker.com/uninstallation-guide

In the dashboard, you can see all of Pc-tracker's features. Monitor the real-time website and real-time application regarding your target device. Helping to check how much time they spend on each task.

Yes, you can handle the PC tracker remotely. You can manage your children’s online learning activity decide which website and application are useful for their children and block that website and application which are harmful and unnecessary.

The employer can capture a screenshot, real-time website, application. You can block harmful and useless online activities of your employees and handle them remotely.

Yes, you can check your employee‘s attendance. You can forget an employee’s attendance but the PC tracker never forgets your employee’s attendance.PC tracker provides an advanced feature to check the idle time and total used time.

PC tracker provides a month-wise attendance and checks the daily attendance of all your employees.

You have to download and install the PC tracker set up with your PC tracker account on your employee’s computer.

After all, setup is completed on the target device and you will get your employee data on your PC tracker dashboard. You can glance at your employee’s online activities.

With the helping the PC tracker’s feature you can check that how many applications are installed on your targeted device. You can block those applications which are harmful and dangerous for your organization.

PC tracker collects the data when the device is not connected to the internet. The data will be uploaded to the dashboard when the device is connected to the internet.

  • Create a PC tracker Account
  • Login PC tracker account on your target device
  • Download and install PC tracker setup on your target device with your PC tracker Account
  • Get data of your target device on your PC.