Analyze Your Employees working Time

Time monitoring software records the programs, applications, and website URLs during working hours as well as how long they were used.

  • visualize worker’s daily, weekly, and monthly working patterns of productive time.
  • Analyze the behavior of the process of their work for the organization of employees.
  • Find out employees who gave their best for the organization
  • Track Idle and working time at the workplace

Discover the productive and unproductive content.

Monitor the report details which apps were used, when and who used, and how much utilized

Find out when employees log in and log out their device

Utilize the maximum time use of employees

Managers can monitor employees' insights in the workplace with the help of a PC TRacker. You can properly utilize productive time.

  • Utilize the idle time in a better way
  • Restrict some social media that are not necessary for some particular worker.
  • Measure the working productivity of the employee.
  • See how long your employees working online and check the idle time.