Block unnecessary websites

PC Tracker Software can block a website in one click

With PC Tracker you can block a single website or block in a group with just one click. And you can unblock it any time from your dashboard.

  • Block single website or whole category of website
  • Prevent waste of time by disabling unwanted websites
  • Protect your child from visiting dangerous websites

PC Tracker automatically blocks all websites with pornographic and inappropriate content and records detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent on each website.

Track unauthorized, harmful and dangerous websites.

Block many websites with just onclick of your finger with PC Tracker.

You can provide a safe search and reduce the potential to harm.

Protect your children from online predators

Many websites are available on the internet which is harmful and more dangerous for users and children. PC Tracker can auto-detect the whole website and create a different category. And auto block those URLs.

  • Block un suspicious and unnecessary websites.
  • Easily add a domain name or website URL and block website.
  • Block pornographic and sexual content websites for your children.
  • Create a list of websites and block websites for individual employee.
  • Block ineffective, gaming and online dating websites.

Websites can be both useful and effective so you can block those effective websites for your children and employees.