Get Notified of important events when needed

The Alert system is capable of notifying you in real-time about potentially dangerous event occurrences.

PC Tracker will automatically detect the forbidden behavior such as the connection of USB device to copy file/process file and much more.

With a PC tracker, you will get notification of any suspicious activity on the target device on your dashboard as well as on your email.

  • Real-time alerts directly on your email
  • Never miss any suspicious activities
  • Take action before it’s too late
  • Create your own custom alerts based on your need

Parents get an instant alert message when children open pornographic sites.

Detect and block messy websites.

Set an alarm system when children visit a suspicious site.

Reduce the risk by the online alert system

If you want your employee to visit only those sites that improve productivity, you can set the limit and get the alert when they visit some unknown site.

  • Get a message when connecting the other device to a computer.
  • Get the unknown screenshot in the dashboard
  • Know which employees have opened unproductive sites
  • View all alerts record