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PC Tracker is a computer monitoring software solution that helps you to track computer activities remotely. It is generally used by various organizations like commercial, educational, government, software services, banking, call centers, BPO, etc.

pc tracker about us

Why was PC Tracker built?

We built a platform to track work-time and employee’s activities.

As an earlier software service provider, we generally came in contact with some Ecommerce and business outsourcing companies with a large pool of employees whose productivity is directly proportional to the efficiency and revenue of the company. In such a big organization, it was very difficult to monitor the productivities of all the in-house employees.

Moreover, due to the pandemic, many organizations have allowed their staff to work from home and to work from different countries, so they need some kind of monitoring system through which they can track their employee's activities remotely.

Here we come with an effective and powerful yet simple computer monitoring software solution as a PC Tracker.

What effect can be achieved with PC Tracker?

PC Tracker is a powerful monitoring tool at the management level, it can do a lot of things.

  • Get screenshot of target PC instantly in real time
  • Configure auto capture to get screenshot after specific time intervals
  • View and download all of your screenshots from your dashboard
  • Get more visual info about activities or your child or employee
pc tracker about us